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Summer is almost here!  Using your home’s fireplace may be the furthest thing from your mind, but completing some basic maintenance tasks during the hotter months can ensure your unit is ready for the fall and winter.  Here are some tips for up keeping your chimney and fireplace during summer:

Complete Needed Repairs – If your chimney or fireplace has unresolved problems that need repair, summer is a great time to get them tackled.  Not only do sweeps have more time to complete them but the milder weather makes both outside and inside work easier to accomplish.  This is especially true for larger repairs like a chimney rebuild.

Schedule when Sweeps are Slower – Many sweep firms experience a brief lull in their busy schedules during June, July, and August.  You can take advantage of their more flexible days by scheduling your annual cleaning during these months.  Completing your cleaning early can also uncover any underlying issues giving you time to rectify them before the cooler days return.

Install a Chimney Cap – Along with the warmer months comes bugs, insects, and little critters all which love to find refuge in a warm, inviting chimney.  Keep them at bay by installing a chimney cap to protect the inside.  Caps can also help prevent an excess of leaves and other debris from clogging the chimney during fall.

Fix a Smelly Chimney – The humidity of summer can make your chimney stinky.  Keep smells away by using a fireplace and chimney deodorant.  We have the perfect solution to a stinky chimney.

When you’re ready to mark these maintenance tasks off your list, contact us at Ace of Diamonds Chimney Hearth and Home. From replacing your liner to installing a chimney cap, we can help get your fireplace and chimney ready for those cooler months.