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Stoves are a great way to decrease your energy costs and they can be installed after your home is already built; much more easily than fireplaces. Stoves can utilize gas, burn wood or pellets.

Gas stoves have flexibility in their sizes and offer high-efficiency heating performance, convenience, and ease of usage.
Wood stoves are fueled by firewood, creating a “crackling” fire. Their benefits include a quiet, steady warmth emitted throughout, and, they continue to provide heat even during winter power outages.
“No More Chilly Nights”!

Pellet stoves are highly efficient, easy to vent and move their heat through your home via blowers. Their “popcorn” flame provides an enjoyable, soothing effect. A storage hopper for your pellets means you will have many continuous hours of uninterrupted warmth.
Note: Many wood or pellet burning stoves are EPA certified, which provide clean burning emission standards. This means you can “breathe cleaner”. That also may qualify you for up to a $700 incentive under Maryland’s Clean Burning Grant Program. (While funds are available.)